Statement of Our Core Values

President's Vision
To lead a highly effective, multi-disciplinary, diverse staff that uses smart technologies to provide sustainable, responsible solutions, creating a team that ensures success through process innovation.

Our mission is to provide innovative, multi-disciplinary services to support the full life cycle of government facilities and programs, helping our client fulfill their mission with proactive, creative, and cost-effective solutions.

Government Services IPT provides responsive, innovative, programmatic solutions that meet our clients’ contract requirements and provide value-added services toward the effective completion of their mission on every assignment.

We understand the clients’ mission and programs, are responsive to their needs and those of their associates, proactively embrace challenges, desire continued learning, and thrive in a team environment, which is key to our success.

Government Services IPT strives for strong project management and project controls that direct the efficient and effective execution of work and exceed client expectations in terms of responsiveness, quality, and innovation, while maintaining high profitability and compliance with company standards and protocols.

We provide the highest level of professional quality, second to none, in terms of content, design, solutions, writing, and graphic presentation. We attain this by promoting a corporate infrastructure that provides proactive support, accurate and timely reporting, and long-term solutions in anticipation of growth and diversification.