Client Testimonials

"[Government Services IPT’s] team spirit and professionalism in executing the progress of the study is fantastic. We get progress reports, we get reminders of what the Government needs to do or to supply GSIPT to keep the project progress moving, we are on schedule, etc. I have nothing but good things to say about the firm."
-Stella Marco, Project Manager
US Air Force, New York District, McGuire AFB

"[The Harpers Ferry planning effort] brief was outstanding. Government Services IPT quickly performed background research, arranged and facilitated a two-day charrette, and then drafted a report and prepared a comprehensive brief within two and one-half weeks of the charrette. Susan [Ballard Hirsch] did an outstanding job presenting the material using a combination of slides, handouts, and wall charts."
-Steve Jacobs, Program Manager
US Customs and Border Protection

"[Government Services IPT] was exceptional in facilitating a complex planning effort within an extremely short timeframe for a very demanding customer."
-Mark S. Real, USACE Louisville District

"[Government Services IPT] delivered extraordinary service focused on our immediate needs and resources."
-David Crouch, NAVFAC

"Government Services IPT has met all and gone above many of the expectations, ability to developed useful information on the local level is outstanding...innovations and problem solving skills are also quite come up with viable and visionary planning solutions."
-Tommy Kennedy, Planner
NAVFAC Southeast

"It gives me great pleasure to inform you that due to your team’s exceptional performance your firm has earned an excellent rating, the Highest possible. Many design contracts are administered by this district and excellent ratings are rarely given. Everyone who worked with us on this project is truly an outstanding performer."
-William Deane, PE
USACE Louisville District

"Government Services IPT personnel were knowledgeable, innovative, responsive, cooperative and demonstrated exceptional adaptability..."
-Stephen Welch, PM
USACE Savannah District

"I believe your people put forth ‘heart and soul’ effort to create a first rate design (within budget). Attention to detail and perseverance to pursue issues to a conclusion are among the significant attributes inherent in your superior quality methods which contributed to the excellent final project."
-Bill Deane, PE, Project Manager
USACE, Louisville District

"I'm impressed (as usual)!"
-Tim Osborne, PE, Project Manager
NAVFAC Atlantic Division

"Last week was a great experience for me as a PM, too. You're a great leader for your people, and we look forward to many more engagements with your firm."
-Amy Archambeau, USACE

"Government Services IPT excelled in its cooperation with the government and in adherence to a very demanding schedule. Quick to respond and always professional, unlimited 'can-do' attitude."
-Marilyn Lewis, Assistant Chief, Engineering Division
USACE, Louisville District

“Good job. This has been good a value and investment on obstruction evaluation. Your work has planted seeds through design and into occupancy.” 
- Bradley Provancha, Acting Director of Defense Facilities Directorate, (WHS/DFD)

“You guys have been great. You have great listening skills, and it’s good hearing you return what we’ve told you delivered back to us.  It’s been great working with you all.” 
-William Fries, Acting Director of Engineering and Technical Services Division/ Fire Marshal, (OPFM/ETSD/DFD)