Representative Project Experience: NASA-Wide Standardized Deferred Maintenance Facility Condition Assessments

Government Services IPT has performed annual facility condition assessments for over 5,400 NASA assets worldwide using the NASA Deferred Maintenance (DM) Parametric Estimating Standards. The assessments determine the level of deferred maintenance needed to support NASA’s real property inventory through physical evaluations of the condition of each building system for each asset – structure, exterior, interior, roof, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, conveyance, and specialized support equipment. Information from the assessment is used to support the Agency’s Annual Accountability Report, justify its annual budget, and trend facility performance over time.

Additionally, our staff has evaluated approximately 600 candidate buildings for NASA’s compliance with the Guiding Principles for High Performance and Sustainable Buildings, as NASA is required to meet agency-owned sustainable building goals, per Executive Order 13423 and the Energy and Security Act. The team gathered pre-site information and conducted field verification of energy enhancements, water reduction features, and usage of building materials and practices. Based on the high-level findings from this assessment, NASA has commissioned more in-depth feasibility studies to retrofit select buildings for compliance with LEED and the Guiding Principles.